Blue Edge was born within the innovative ambience of the Dynamical Systems and Ocean Robotics Lab, a part of the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR) in Lisbon, with the need to give answers to the constant demands for applying the know-how acquired.

As members of ISR, the team that now composes Blue Edge has developed a large experience due to the participation in different European Projects such as MARIUS (the first non-military European Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) and SIRENE (an underwater shuttle developed in partnership with German and French institutions such as IFREMER). Three other Portuguese projects, in cooperation with other institutions and companies led to the development of innovative autonomous robotic vehicles that can serve as test and inspection platforms for scientists or other interested entities. "Infante", "Delfim" and "Caravela" are known all over the world.

In early 2003 Blue Edge was formally established and started it's activity by providing services in the fields of data acquisition and engineering consultancy. Since then, we have been involved in projects with the Wave Energy Centre (WEC). One of those was the Archimedes Wave Swing where Blue Edge contributed with the study of the platform's dynamics for time-domain analysis.

In late 2004 Blue Edge established a cooperation with Oceanscan (Aberdeen - Scotland, UK) aiming to reach the market through a world wide network of distributors with edge technology products developed by Blue Edge. On a second stage it became clear that Blue Edge was in the best place to be the commercial representative of Oceanscan's rental services for Portugal and Spain. This second agreement made this cooperation link even stronger.

Ever since the beginning, one of Blue Edge's strongest areas of activity is the bathymetric surveying services. With own technology and a team well experienced in field operations, Blue Edge offers high-quality data with full knowledge of the process from sensors to data processing.
Cooperation with topography experts also makes it possible to deliver integrated topographic-hydrographic data collection services.

Currently Blue Edge is working on several projects from data acquisition to technology development and integration. New products, new solutions, more services. Our future is happening now!


Archimedes Wave Swing




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